Blog posts for year 2017

Uniform Field Re-Entrant Cavity for Improved Pulse EPR

Friday 20 October 2017     Electromagnetics, Published Work, Resonator Design

A recent publication in Applied Magnetic Resonance describes a new uniform field (UF) resonator that has been optimized for pulse experiments. The UF geometry is described as a re-entrant cylindrical TE01U cavity at Q-band (34 GHz). The re-entrant geometry is calculated to have the same electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) signal intensity as a traditional TE011 cavity, a 60% increase in average resonator efficiency ╬Ťave over the sample, and has a B1 profile that is 79.8% uniform over the entire sample volume (98% uniform over the region-of-interest).

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Boosting Ansys HFSS Performance

Friday 28 April 2017     Ansys HFSS, Tips and Tricks, Electromagnetics, Simulations

After 12 years of running Ansys (previously Ansoft) High Frequency Structure Simulator I have a series of helpful tricks to improve the performance of your simulations. Over the last 5 years Ansys HFSS has significantly improved in its ability to handle multiple processors and now even support GPU acceleration for iterative solutions. However, there are always going to be bottlenecks.

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JEOL Student Lecture Prize

Sunday 09 April 2017     Awards

I am honored to have been awarded the 21st annual JEOL Student Lecture Prize at the 50th annual international Royal Society of Chemistry EPR meeting. I would like to thank the organizers for the amazing opportunity to present my current work in Oxford at the beautiful Keble College.

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